• We are proud of our internationally recognized curriculum, national award winning faculty and dedicated student body.  As a tuition-free International Baccalureaute (IB) World School, our unique academic rigor and emphasis on students’ personal development support a diverse student body.  Our staff remain focused on developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed.

    Contributions are incredibly valuable to Shortridge. Through donations from others, we can help to:

    • empower our youth to shape solutions to the world’s most complex social challenges
    • conquer the personal barriers to education that IB students and families face
    • offer security and continuity in times when academic programs may be threatened.

    Gifts help us strengthen and extend our programs. 

    Gifts and donations have provided Shortridge with a range of indispensable benefits. For example, they have:

    • supported us in educating a greater numbers of students
    • ensured equal access to school programming
    • sponsored Week Without Walls trips to students in need