Welcome to Shortridge High School
  • Welcome to Shortridge High!  Whether you are a new family or a returning family, we are excited to have you as part of our community.  SHS is a racially and culturally diverse community and your involvement only continues to strengthen our culture.   
    Join Us

    As a community, we welcome your involvement in a number of different ways.  Feel free to sit in on a class or join us for a special event; listed below are some suggestions.
    • Serve as a Friday Connect speaker
    • Be a guest lecturer for a class
    • Chaperone one of our schoolwide trips
    • Join us at one of our community service events
    • Participate in a schoolwide event
    • Be a member of our leadership team
    Complete a volunteer form to join us on campus
    Title I

    Title I was developed to enhance the educational environment across the United States; as part of this program,  Shortridge High School receives federal funding to help support our academic programs.  SHS applies Title I funds towards after school tutoring, novels for our English classes and book club, student planners and computer software to support mathematics.  As part of our program Shortridge High School has developed a compact and contract, and a family involvement policy. 

    We offer a variety of athletic options; we believe in a well-rounded education and a healthy lifestyle is a key component.  Over 75% of our scholars participate in some form of athletic event either on campus or in the community.  Beyond the traditional high school sports, Shortridge High also offers Gaelic football, hurling, ultimate frisbee, and crew.  For a complete list of sports on offer and athletic information, please check out our athletic page on our website. 

    It is important that all of our SHS families are well informed of upcoming events and activities as well as an ability to monitor your scholar's academic progress.
    • Like us on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter, Catch us on Instagram
    • Access and read our daily announcements on Google
    • Check out our school's calendar and website 
    • Receive our quarterly letter
    • Log in to ManageBac to check on academic progress
    • Listen to our weekly Radio Address or Sunday Phone Call

    Our technology plan includes a one to one laptop program, Google Education and classroom, Apple software and hardware, a robotics club and design technology courses.  Scholars have a ManageBac account where assignments, grades and report cards are posted, but families are not expected to have internet at home.  SHS staff work with those students that have limited internet access to ensure their academic progress is not impeded.  In order to ensure a safe and healthy environment, all scholars are provided a Google email and education account that is monitored by the school.

    You have entrusted us with your child's education and safety and we take our responsibility very seriously.  We conduct drills throughout the year simulating a variety of scenarios.  If you arrive on campus to pick up your scholar or if you choose to release your child to a family member or another adult, please notify the school.  If you wish to have your child ride the bus home with another student, please provide your request in writing and SHS will provide your scholar with a temporary bus pass.