• Guidance
    Welcome to the  Shortridge High School College Counseling and Guidance Department. Shortridge is a wonderful environment in which to grow academically, personally, and socially. Scholars will be presented with a variety of new and exciting opportunities to explore areas of interest that will help promote this growth. The College Counseling and Guidance Department shares in this vision by supporting this exploration through self-inquiry, and as a path to greater self-awareness. We understand this growth is very individualized and work hard to encourage choices that will help scholars question their assumptions, challenge their intellect, and stimulate their creativity.

    Our Curriculum will allow all students the opportunity for an enriching high school experience that will provide a solid foundation for their future success beyond the walls of Shortridge High School.

    The College Counseling and Guidance Department is a major hub of  Shortridge High School and an important source of information throughout our scholars high school career.  Our goal is to know our scholars, know our families, and know the opportunities that exist for our scholars. We look forward to a relationship that is positive and productive in providing the necessary encouragement and support for each scholar here at Shortridge.
    Shortridge School Counselors
    *by student last name
    Mr. Molina (L-Ri)
    Ms. Claude (Ro-Z)