Michael Gawdzik
Mr. Michael Gawdzik

Phone: 317-629-1683


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science: Secondary English Education from Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis

Mr. Michael Gawdzik

Mr. Gawdzik is a tall man who does not play basketball. Instead of playing basketball, Mr. Gawdzik spends his days reading books and exercising. Mr. Gawdzik does a great job of picking up a book when he is supposed to be doing something else; however, he justifies this with the thought that he should be a model reader for his students.
He graduated with Honors from IUPUI's School of Education Program in 2012 but was not there for the graduation ceremony. Why wasn't he in attendance? Because Mr. Gawdzik decided to travel to South Korea and teach conversational English for one year. While in Korea, Mr. Gawdzik read a statistic that America was not doing so well in regards to education. He read this and thought, 'I can fix that.' After tying his canoe to the Statue of Liberty he hitched a ride back to Indianapolis and was hired as a teacher at Shortridge High School where he began working with the best staff and best students he has ever had the pleasure of working with.
Mr. Gawdzik acknowledges the powerful fact that he is never done learning. Not only does this keep Mr. Gawdzik humble, it also forces him to constantly be reading new books and trying to write new stories. When he is not teaching or thinking about teaching, Mr. Gawdzik is playing soccer or traveling around the country. He has been all over America and once took a Greyhound Bus from Indianapolis to San Francisco just to see what it was like. 
Traveling is a large part of Mr. Gawdzik's identity and he wishes to one day continue his own education by sauntering all over the world in hopes of learning some all encompassing truth about himself and life as it is known to him.  Finally, Mr. Gawdzik feels humor has a delightful  relationship with learning and knowledge so he tries his best to incorporate this partnership into all that he teaches.