Principal's Welcome
  • As the world becomes increasingly more complex and interdependent, the necessity to study cultures different from our own becomes increasingly essential. Thus, in grades nine through twelve we have elected to adopt the International Baccalaureate Program which emphasizes international mindedness, intercultural understanding and academic rigor.

    Shortridge High School offers a unique opportunity to distinguish itself as a high school dedicated to the principles of leadership, scholarship and service. In a society eager to promote educational excellence and sound values, Shortridge will be a home to both. As participants in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, students may compete in national math or music events, master a foreign language, curate an art exhibition, or perform on stage.

    From our time at Gambold Prep, our learning community has retained educational leaders who both reflect our core values and are experts in their respective fields. I am proud of their commitment to the ideals and promise of education; Shortridge has retained 90% of its teaching faculty. As the faculty implements a curriculum that is both rigorous and flexible, and expansive in breadth and depth, we welcome inquiry and inspire greatness.

    Committed to serving a community from different backgrounds, Shortridge High reflects the cultural diversity of Indianapolis and welcomes a diverse population of learners and teachers. As an inner city school we are confronted with images of poverty, homelessness, racism and conflict. To help reverse these social ills, our students are taught to lead remarkable, compassionate and socially significant lives.

    We have a singular, visionary goal of educating citizens who think freely, demonstrate intellectual vitality, and address needs and realities greater than themselves. I hope you will join me at Shortridge High School; whether you visit our campus, or decide to enroll, we look forward to welcoming you.


    Shane M. O’Day
    odaysm@myips.org | 317.226.2810