Helen Shere
Mrs. Helen Shere



Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Arts in Teaching, University of Indianapolis, 2016 2015 Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellow Bachelors of Arts in Molecular Biology, Yeshiva University, 2013

Mrs. Helen Shere

My name is Helen Shere, and I am a biology teacher at Shortridge High School. I completed my Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of Indianapolis as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. Before discovering my passion for teaching, I did bench research studying the genetics of breast cancer at multiple universities, including my alma mater, Yeshiva University, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Biology in 2013.

I married my best friend, Nat, one month after graduating college in 2013. He is a cybersecurity analyst who loves mentoring students interested in computer science. We have 2 friendly cats, Homer and Luke Skywhisker. We love playing board games, science outreach, and exploring new places around the city.

As a science teacher, I adore learning about the natural world, and I believe that the crux of science is in asking good questions. My my goal as a teacher is to inspire my students to ask questions about the world around them, and to help them develop the skills they need to pursue the answers to their questions.